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Estar informado (semanal - 23/09/2017)

CUED. Prepararnos a prueba de futuro

CUED. Sostenibilidad de las universidades y objetivos de desarrollo sostenible de Naciones ... | https://t.co/hfkCkZ9v9d

CUED. A propósito del feedback, ese gran olvidado | https://t.co/ye7AvcCcvH

CUED. La misión social de la universidad, más allá de la transferencia del conocimiento | https://t.co/cpILGIyk1R

CUED: Aprendiendo a conocer para conocer aprendiendo | https://t.co/8rxMItgoKk

Why ‘Student Success’ Isn’t Always Succeeding | https://t.co/8opf1ayswY

Improved onboarding | https://t.co/vusYBD7YdY

What happens in an internet minute in 2017? | https://t.co/IIM1bKcjIw

Citar y referenciar: muy fácil con Mendeley | https://t.co/NdXV1eLhdN

8 Great Exit Ticket Tools to Try Out in Class curated by Educators' technology | https://t.co/gNtY22hMCX

The Future of Learning special report published in The Times | https://t.co/TxX7Y1l4Hm

PISA now has school based testing for International comparison (but not for Canada yet) | https://t.co/r62DMRh6dB

#Intentional: Teaching, Training, Trolling Toxic Education | https://t.co/1MUYLI29yE

How to Help Your Employees L-O-V-E Online Learning | https://t.co/rwBLhHaw5O

Free Resources For Creating And Sharing 3D Teaching Content - eLearning Industry | https://t.co/BkCTPXX4nU

Learn languages at school – and expand your horizons | Letters | https://t.co/vTScmVVC75

Innovacion educativa a través de las TIC, Conferencia en Virtual Educ… | https://t.co/qC0fBEXPAv

The #InnovatorsMindset MOOC Starting September 25, 2017 #IMMOOC - Thanks @gcouros - s... | https://t.co/4vj6rBE57I

Ciberseguridad para niños. Juegos que les enseñan a protegerse | https://t.co/JdwFAamw51

Making Blended Learning Happen | https://t.co/Lac9DdkHbS

La Universidad "Complutónoma" de Madrid y la Universitat "Autotécnica" de Calatuña, e... | https://t.co/Bj0P3kmyKA

Learning theories and online learning | Tony Bates | https://t.co/gIMKBGEbBR

A new report from Silicon Schools: “All that we’ve learned: 5 years working on persona... | https://t.co/wuCipM4ol1

Why One Educator Says It's Time To Rethink Higher Education | https://t.co/gW3yOijGCA

Uso de Twitter en Educacion Superior en España y Estados Unidos | https://t.co/QhGm4Ojrca

Clickbait and impact: how academia has been hacked | https://t.co/u7oAqt2BuH

10 Great Apps and Games for Enhancing Learning | https://t.co/MhrgNoGbKy

¿Qué debemos aprender de las pasadas investigaciones en Tecnología Educativa? ... | https://t.co/uGPgTpd3gg

The Learning Innovation Cycle | https://t.co/k7kEB5FI5F

Diseña con genialidad, con Genial.ly | https://t.co/RJlONh1XzA

Bing says links are still a very important ranking factor | https://t.co/tlu6240BdD

Qué es el ciberbullying | https://t.co/HQVq9O69qs

7 tips for custodians of capability frameworks | https://t.co/3jcyjSfUj1

El formador que aprende. De maestros a facilitadores de procesos de aprendizaje | https://t.co/icCPaE1R9B@scoopit via @javiersanchezboTranslate from Spanish

Scientists to Schools: Social, Emotional Development Crucial for Learning by Evie Blad | https://t.co/2kUI7kAEtR

Great list of Top Education Blogs via Ask a Tech Teacher | https://t.co/Vaih1t6Rxk

Teoría del Aprendizaje de Jerome Bruner | https://t.co/FzpZOVRayS

Bring your learning to life: Animation in digital learning | https://t.co/OmhH48jPeO@scoopit via @cpappas

A third way: Algorithms and teacher empowerment for every individual | https://t.co/k67YmPfIdB

OnSpain Academy - Recursos para clases de español | https://t.co/euuNgeWYpK

State of the News Media | Pew Research Center | https://t.co/bBcrLQYcou

3 critical things to know about boosting student engagement by LAURA ASCIONE | https://t.co/cVOVzekOMG

3 tendencias actuales que deberías incorporar a tu CV (y 2 a evitar) | https://t.co/T9A9U8Lysq

Herramientas simples para gamificación: puntos, insignias y clasificaciones | https://t.co/WESS5P2s1L

Cooperating to Serve Students Across Institutional Boundaries: Leveraging Online Ed in... | https://t.co/mF5rEMt7ZF@scoopit via @cpappas

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