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TOP AI tools! Index by Generative AI 2024

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TOP AI tools! Index by Generative AI 2024

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ChatGPT – Use it for engaging conversations, gain insights, automate tasks, and witness the future of AI, all in one place. https://chat.openai.com/

Copilot – Copilot focuses on programming and coding assistance. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-copilot

Bing AI Search – AI-powered search assistant for research and creativity. https://www.bing.com/new

Wand AI – Creating advanced AI models and systems. https://wand.ai

Notion – Connected workspace with AI for writing, planning, and sharing. https://affiliate.notion.so/hsaconq7prdk

Character.ai – Allows non-technical users to create their own chatbots and converse with chatbots created by other users. https://beta.character.ai/

Mintlify – Meet the modern standard for public facing documentation. Beautiful out of the box, easy to maintain, and optimized for user engagement. https://mintlify.com/

Scribe – Turn any process into a step-by-step guide, instantly. https://scribehow.com/

Snyk – It is trained on security-specific data, and is all curated by top security researchers to give you all the power of AI without any of the drawbacks. https://snyk.io/

Tabnine – AI assistant that speeds up delivery and keeps your code safe https://www.tabnine.com/

WebCopilot – Write your Notion pages with AI. Speed up your writing process and focus on what matters.https://www.webcopilot.ai/

Replit Ghostwriter – An AI pair programmer that helps you write better code, faster. https://replit.com/site/ghostwriter

Anyword – Get more conversions and sales with Anyword. Anyword’s powerful predictive analytics tell you what works before you go live. https://anyword.com/

Rytr – A better, faster way to write profile bios, Facebook ads and landing page copies. https://rytr.me/

Bearly AI – Drop in research papers, pdfs, articles, word docs and more to get a thorough summary of the content.https://bearly.ai/

Inflection –  A personal AI for everyone. https://inflection.ai/

Glean – The AI-powered work assistant. https://www.glean.com/

New Relic – Data for engineers to monitor, debug, and improve their entire stack. https://newrelic.com/

Afforai – Afforai is an AI chatbot that searches, summarizes, and translates info from multiple sources to produce trustworthy research. https://afforai.com/

Quickchat AI – No-code platform that leverages Large Language Models such as OpenAI’s GPT to craft customizable AI Assistants tailored to your business. https://www.quickchat.ai/

Patched – Automated security patches for your code repositories. – https://www.patched.codes/

Agent4.ai – Lets you create custom voice experiences for callers to your business or mobile phone. https://agent4.ai/

Log Analyzer Pro GPT – Log Analyzer Pro GPT, specializes in analyzing systems, applications, web servers, and database logs, particularly for finance and healthcare industries. https://loganalyzergpt.com/

Apex – Use APEX A.L.I.C.E to unlock value from data in real-time. https://www.apexe3.com/

Stelo AI – Your AI-based Intelligent Document Processing Partner https://stelo.ai/

Ivy AI – Ivy is an all-in-one AI chatbot built to power recruitment, retention, and customer service across your organization. https://ivy.ai/

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