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Estar informado (semanal - 4/11/2016)

IE University's window on the classroom of the future | https://t.co/f4r1kYJmj3

Higher education for the AI age: Let’s think about it before the machines do it for us | https://t.co/O8KCJ3xO2D

Blackboard Study on How Instructors Use the LMS | https://t.co/EW558bIyPd

Adaptive Learning Systems: Surviving the Storm | http://sco.lt/8JLiaX 

Juegos digitales y gamificación aplicados en el ámbito de la educación.  https://t.co/d2smIGANxk

Llega la miniserie de divulgación “De mayor quiero ser... científica” | FECYT | https://t.co/vm2AW3wXC4

Here Is A Good Visual on Blended Learning | https://t.co/ampYVAkpnT

Using the Arts to Synthesize Student Understanding | https://t.co/NlgSwfFMvn

5 Strategies for Creating a Mission-Driven Learning Community | https://t.co/jKQAfC5Vmp

El ‘crowdfunding’ en la universidad: ¿endeudarte para pagar tus estudios? | https://t.co/eh0nC3fgbd

Study: Students See Benefits of Video Captioning | https://t.co/USs2yV7mle

Patterns in Course Design: How instructors ACTUALLY use the LMS | https://t.co/Cm7GvTqWnM

Small Town College Life and the Future of Higher Ed | https://t.co/lIDBVM4pF1

7 Key Considerations When Making the Move to a 1:1 Device Program | https://t.co/xVC51VwxN8

Blended learning – From ancient Greece to the digital age | https://t.co/3lAOKXr34q

La productividad científica sobre MOOC: aproximación bibliométrica 2012-2016 a través... | https://t.co/S5gpuFZaf2

Vol 17, No 1 (2014). Open environments at the new distance education. MOOCs | https://t.co/yJW7GzISS2

Emplear Moodle no garantiza la calidad de un curso a distancia (1/2) | https://t.co/nr6oYnNied

Exploring Learning Today [INFOGRAPHIC] @PageUpPeople | https://t.co/ruYBAzGi1n

How Can We Keep Teachers in the Classroom? | Edudemic | https://t.co/OiBegs8npl

New analysis shows gaps between humanities Ph.D.s and others with doctorates | https://t.co/l9S9IFxE7q

Philosophy, pedagogy and practice | https://t.co/OGJfFhuECz

Here Is A Great Digital Publishing Platform for Students | https://t.co/zpeVSmD2pU

Teachers’ Informal Learning via Social Networking Technology ~ Stephen Downes | https://t.co/ShdhgUan88

Education and the Future of eLearning | https://t.co/EBsk7G1637

Teachers’ Informal Learning via Social Networking Technology | Ab Rashid  | @https://t.co/HxGYa4fIIa

Moving from digital portfolios to a domain of one’s own | https://t.co/Fv8CRYZ0KY

Against Assessment: You Can't Measure The Unmeasurable  | https://t.co/qcTAuyIa6y

España es el país que más usa datos desde el móvil, según nuevo informe | https://t.co/5mSU7skO4W

A return to best practices for teaching online -- Campus Technology | https://t.co/yjYiurP8hZ

Defining Open Peer Review: Part One – Competing Definitions : OpenAIRE blog | https://t.co/H0CxdJ4uLp

Enrolling in Online Courses: Suggestions for Students and Learners To Get Started | https://t.co/99eUGL3eIB

What do students find irritating about their lecturers? - University World News | https://t.co/Xlm2RexAM7

El futuro de las bibliotecas de investigación según la visión del MIT | https://t.co/oT3MuN6ipj

La tecnología ¿ayuda a los profesores a lograr su clase perfecta? | https://t.co/v9RHEWrPuq

Las 9 tendencias tecnológicas que marcarán 2017 | https://t.co/wS2zHlrAcp

¿Es de fiar el h5 de revistas de Google Scholar Metrics? | https://t.co/V76VbldfzX

Call for Papers. SPECIAL ISSUE: "Effective integration of the mobile device in educat... | https://t.co/htNqN8I1Sf

¿La educación es inclusiva? no lo sé…, a lo mejor sí… | https://t.co/QAEVK9B3Dl

De la escuela emancipadora a la ciudad educadora | https://t.co/bQXnSNVpNq

Desaprendiendo en el entorno online | https://t.co/UpHeI2lho1

University opens without any teachers - BBC News | https://t.co/7g4O2oxlfq

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